Honda VersaTool Edger

The Edger attachment for the Honda VersaTool is the perfect tool to keep unsightly weeds and grass from popping their ugly heads up.The perimeters of your lawns and gardens will be the envy of your neighbours with a little help from the Honda VersaTool Edger. Lightweight, simple and ergonomically-designed, the Honda Versatool Edger is designed to safely operate without fanfare to ensure your backyard remains in pristine condition.

Simple, Safe & Sturdy

The Edger's easy-to-use, adjustable height mechanism means that no matter what kind of lawn or paving you're working around, it will be up to the job. Despite the simple design, safety is not compromised, with a Blade Guard present to protect against grass clippings, stones and sand that may get scattered by the blade.Whether you're using it around your home or in a commercial setting, the Honda VersaTool Edger will work as hard as you do - day in, day out.


RRP $249