November is one of the best months to be getting stuck into the garden. The soil and temperature are warming up, but neither you nor the garden will be overheating.

The Veggie Patch

November is a great month for planting a variety of vegetables. Try broad beans, sweet corn, beetroot, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, lettuce, onion, parsnip, potatoes, silver beet, swede and turnip. Growing your own veggies can be a satisfying activity for the whole family. Plus, you can avoid the chemicals and pesticides found in most supermarket produce. But the key to a successful crops soil quality. Why not save money and space in the shed by grabbing one of Honda’s powerhead’s. Right now you can get the UMC425 with a 25cc engine on sale for $479† or the UMC435 model with a 35cc engine on sale for $579†. Grab the Honda VersaTool Cultivator and any other attachments you might need for your summer gardening (like the Pruner, which will come in handy for the last step). Whether you’re working with wet or dry soil the Cultivator turns the earth quickly and effectively so that you can get planting. To ensure your earth is full of nutrients throw in some earthworms. These guys break down organic matter, increase the water and air in the soil and produce their very own fertiliser! Healthy soil means produce rich in nutrients and goodness.


November is the time to fertilise. As your lawn breaks the winter dormancy, applying fertiliser will jump start its growth as the weather warms up. Note that thin lawns can be over-sown this month with a lawn seed mixture. Regular mowing will promote healthy lawn growth. We recommend getting your hands on one of Honda’s Domestic mowers while they’re on sale. The HRU19K1 and HRU19M1 Push Mowers are at the affordable price of $799† and $839†. These lightweight yet robust mowers let you easily manoeuvre around your lawn. Plus, instead of the traditional two blades that offer one cutting edge each, Honda’s HRU19K1 and HRU19M1 mower range has been designed with four cutting surfaces resulting in an ultra clean cut.


Shaping and trimming branches and shrubbery is important as we enter the summer months. It’s time to remove those dead, diseased and crossing branches. It’s also a good idea to keep a nice shape by removing branches or stems that are growing in the wrong direction. If you’re the proud owner of a Honda VersaTool powerhead, grab the Pruner attachment and make your life easier. The Pruner is great for cutting branches and heavy foliage with ease. If necessary, pair it with the Extension Pole to get extra length for those high branches.

Australia’s microclimates can be difficult to work with in November. The key to a successful garden is to work with them rather than against them. Use the shade from other trees or structures to your advantage and leave those plants and vegetables more tolerant to the heat out in the light. November’s a great time to be in the garden, make sure you invest in the right tools to make your tasks as enjoyable as possible.

†Savings based on RRP $899 for HRU19K1, RRP$939 for HRU19M1, RRP $529 for UMC425 RRP and $629 for UMC435. Offer ends 31/03/17 or while stocks last.